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Who Has Been Acquiring the Web? Newly Registered Domains Can Tell You

Posted on November 8, 2019
Who Has Been Acquiring the Web? Newly Registered Domains Can Tell You

Connectivity is a double-edged sword. Though it makes reaching almost anyone and anything with an email address or a website a breeze, it also puts all things online at the mercy of cybercriminals and unfair competitors who are always on the lookout for benefiting from established brands using malicious copycat or similarly misleading sites registered under new domains.

There is no doubt that one of a company’s greatest assets — its customer or client portal — is its website. It can be likened to a shop’s front door. And let’s face it, we all want to keep thieves and infringers out of our places of business.

To make this happen, you need a strategy in place, and one which involves keeping track of all new and disguised players on the web — a process that can be aided by an effective domain-monitoring tool such as Newly Registered Domains. If you are still wondering why you should care about recent domain registrations, read on to find out.

Why Should I Worry About Newly Registered Domains?

Your domain name is your unique identifier on the Internet. All of your virtual real estates are tied to it. And that’s true for everybody else. In fact, every company that has an online presence is required by law to register their domain names, and all the information on these is stored on WHOIS records.

In turn, each WHOIS record contains up-to-date information on every domain name including its registrant’s, registrar’s, administrative, billing, and technical contact’s names, along with their company and contact details (street and email address and phone and fax numbers). Regularly updated WHOIS records also show when a domain name was registered, all its modification dates, and when it will expire, along with its name servers.

Sounds pretty thorough, right? Now that it’s put in context, that information regarding new domain registrations can tell you a lot about your business environment and its latent threats — especially as events of fraud and misconduct take place with recently registered or expired names which haven’t caught the attention of anyone just yet.

For example, you or one of your business partners or vendor might be the target of an impersonation attack that may deceive your employees or customers into downloading corrupted files, passing on confidential data (intellectual property, customer and employee information, etc.), or revealing their credentials to a key system or application for managing business operations.

What Can Newly Registered Domains Do For You?

Newly Registered Domains is a dynamic service that gives you access to the data feeds of recently registered or expired domains, along with related WHOIS information updated daily. It can:

  • Provide timely information on domains as they are registered, changed, or dropped via WHOIS data feeds
  • Give frequently updated WHOIS data feeds no matter how many times these undergo changes daily
  • Let you access WHOIS information even on domains that reside in the gTLD space

More specifically, take a look at just some of the ways by which Newly Registered Domains can help you:

Beef up your company’s IT security posture Cybersecurity professionals who are handling malware, phishing, and other cyber attack investigations can rely on daily domain alerts to speed up threat detection and response.
Be the first to acquire domain names you’ve set your heart on A name can be everything in a competitive business environment. With Newly Registered Domains, you can be the first to know when an active domain name becomes available again as its current registration expires.
Look out for potential intellectual property violations Brand protection companies can rely on real-time alerts to spot attempts to spoof a client’s brand or abuse its trademarked assets, as well as finding the necessary contact details in WHOIS records to engage legal procedures.
Stop fraudsters from harming your customers Payment processors, banks, and other financial service providers can prevent fraud aided by WHOIS data feed alerts before or as they happen.
Use the latest data to keep competitors at bay Marketing practitioners can use up-to-date statistics to keep track of and beat the competition as they introduce new similar products or enter new markets.
Monitor the health and safety of your entire domain portfolio Domain owners who have offices in multiple locations that maintain their own websites and pages can keep tabs on all of their virtual holdings to address issues as they crop up.

Whatever business you run online, your company is sure to make the most of the many benefits that Newly Registered Domains provides. In a world where a cyber attack occurs every 39 seconds and online competition has gone global, every company with an online presence needs to stay secure from all sorts of digital threats.

We can help you make it a number 1 priority to keep your digital properties and intellectual property safe and healthy. To find out more, contact us today at [email protected].

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