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Get an edge over your competition with daily access to around 100,000 freshly registered domains, and 100,000 recently expired domains, along with their WHOIS data.

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A truly exhaustive and precise IP geolocation database updated daily


  • Up-to-date

    By continuously monitoring the internet, we provide our clients with daily access to about 100,000 Newly Registered Domains and 100,000 Recently Expired Domains. You can view a sample here.

  • Support all major gTLDs and new gTLDs

    Get lists for major gTLDs and new gTLDs. Major gTLDs include .com, .net, .org, .us, .biz, .mobi, .info, .pro, .coop, .asia, .name, .tel, .aero. New gTLDs include .top, .xyz, .loan, .wang, .club, .site, .online and thousands more. Click here for the entire list.

  • Detailed

    Get key data points for domains including the Registrant’s name, organization, e-mail address, registration address, registrar information, creation date, expiration date, updated date, domain availability, domain age, and many more.

  • Consistent

    All the WHOIS information is well parsed and normalized to a consistent format for easy integration with your business purposes.

Practical usage

Useful tool for domainers and registrars

Useful tool for domainers and registrars

  • Keep track of domains and to study domain TLDs trends and determine new niches that are becoming popular.
  • Get an updated list of just expired domains to get hold of valuable domains when they get dropped.
  • Identify domains that still have an extensive history of backlinks to them. Backlinks can help drive traffic to the domain, making it handy for advertisers and site owners looking to make money from the content produced.

Helps with security research

  • Threat investigators use the newly registered domains feed to discover malicious domains since malicious actors like to use newly registered URLs for malevolent activities like hosting malwares and phishing attacks.
  • Security analysts use newly registered/dropped domains to update their existing WHOIS database for cyber security analysis and fraud detection and to take proactive action against suspicious domains.
  • Enhance email security solution by identifying phishing / spam emails / domains.
Helps with security research
Valuable for SEO

Valuable for SEO

  • Get domain info on newly registered domains to watch out for competitors in your field or to market SEO services to new domain owners.
  • Keep an eye on your competitors’ SEO efforts to see which domains they own that are similar to theirs or even yours.
  • Identify when your competitors are registering new domains to launch a new product in your niche. Reveal the existence of a new product or type of service before it is known to the general public.

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