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NRD 2.0 datafeed files

This data feed subscription is licensed to you or your organization only, you may not resell or relicense the data without explicit written permission from Whois API LLC. Any violation will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Update time

The daily update is ready for download at 02:00 UTC.

The datasets comes in the following forms

Each dataset has 3 update formats (daily, weekly, monthly) and 2 output formats (CSV, JSON). A detailed description of the differences between datasets is described on the pricing page.

All samples

Downloading via HTTPs

Downloading via FTP

Average sizes

File Gzip size Unpacked size Rows
lite.daily.data.csv 709.3KiB 2.0MiB 90.9K
lite.daily.data.json 757.7KiB 4.4MiB 90.9K
lite.daily.stats.csv 1.7KiB 3.2KiB 362
lite.daily.stats.json 2.0KiB 10.2KiB 362
basic.daily.data.csv 1.4MiB 4.0MiB 174.1K
basic.daily.data.json 1.5MiB 8.6MiB 174.1K
basic.daily.stats.csv 2.1KiB 3.8KiB 440
basic.daily.stats.json 2.4KiB 12.4KiB 440
professional.daily.data.csv 62.2MiB 584.7MiB 174.1K
professional.daily.data.json 99.6MiB 1.2GiB 174.1K
professional.daily.stats.csv 2.1KiB 3.8KiB 440
professional.daily.stats.json 2.4KiB 12.4KiB 440
enterprise.daily.data.csv 100.9MiB 892.4MiB 355.9K
enterprise.daily.data.json 181.4MiB 2.0GiB 355.9K
enterprise.daily.stats.csv 2.8KiB 5.2KiB 640
enterprise.daily.stats.json 3.3KiB 17.7KiB 640
ultimate.daily.data.csv 127.0MiB 1.1GiB 421.3K
ultimate.daily.data.json 229.6MiB 2.4GiB 421.3K
ultimate.daily.stats.csv 3.0KiB 5.6KiB 682
ultimate.daily.stats.json 3.5KiB 18.9KiB 682
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