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Newly Registered Domains (NRD2) Coverage Increased by 89% in 2023

As part of WhoisXML API’s efforts to continuously improve its products and services, the coverage and quality of the Newly Registered Domains (NRD2) Data Feed significantly improved over the past months. More precisely, the latest Q3 2023 measurements show that the data feed’s coverage increased by 89% since the last quarter of 2022.

“We launched the NRD2 data feed in 2021 to help our clients keep up with the ever-changing and expanding Internet. We’re excited to announce that we significantly increased our data coverage, which means we’re continuously providing users with a more complete view of the domain ecosystem. It is a major milestone for us in 2023, and we’re confident that it will help many companies make better decisions about their online security and business operations,” says Jonathan Zhang, CEO and founder of WhoisXML API.

The WhoisXML API research and development team has actively looked for new ways to track more domain events faster, an effort that led to substantially more data collected. On average, the records in our daily files now add up to:

  • 250,000+ newly added domains
  • 363,000+ newly dropped domains
  • 532,000+ newly updated domains
  • 55,000+ newly discovered domains

Coverage and quality improvements mean more visibility and meaningful insights into daily domain activities worldwide since the NRD2 data feed spans thousands of TLDs, including most gTLDs and ccTLDs.

Extensive Coverage with Complete Data Points

Users subscribed to the Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate plans continue to have access to the new domains’ WHOIS data, which include:

  • Relevant domain dates (i.e., creation, expiration, update)
  • Name and WHOIS servers
  • Registrar information
  • Registrant information
  • Domain status
  • Administrative, billing, and technical contact details

NRD2 daily files are available in CSV or JSON format. You can check the documentation for more information.

Enriching Business Processes with NRD Database

NRD2 informs the critical security and business processes of many organizations across various industries. Domain intelligence gleaned from the database enables users to:

  • Enrich security platforms and operations: The cybersecurity community considers NRDs dangerous as threat actors tend to weaponize them in malicious campaigns.
  • Tap into additional intelligence for security investigations: New domain data helps security investigators and law enforcement agencies identify and understand threat actors’ behaviors.
  • Detect domain TLD trends: Increases in domain registrations sporting a specific TLD extension may hint at new niches.
  • Protect brands from cybersquatting: Brand managers often monitor for new domains that closely resemble their branded or trademarked domain names.

You may download samples of our NRD2 data feed here or contact us to evaluate our new domain intelligence for your business needs.

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